Uganda Martyrs’ death as a subject to the violation of Human rights.

 As we take the break to remember and mourn for the Uganda martyrs who died due to the violation of their religious rights, we wanted to take a moment today to think of those who are still struggling for their religious rights as workers, and to speak about some of the exploitation that is sadly still prevalent across the world. 

Improving rights around the world is central to our mission of preventing violation of human rights in the working environment. We work with major corporations and organizations to help them understand where there might be risk of religious rights violation in their work places and to identify the tell-tale signs of other various forms of human rights violation . We run campaigns around the globe which seek to raise awareness of different forms of human rights violation, and to help those who may be victims of this violation know their rights and seek support where necessary.  

Ultimately, we seek to encourage people to #SpotTheSigns of violation, speak openly about its realities and report suspicious activity when they see it.