“The 1st National T2R Annual Summit”

Talk To Your Regulators
Annual Summit 2023

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Why Participate In The Talk To The Regulator Events

Defenders Protection Initiative launched the “Talk to your Regulator “(T2R) on 18th August 2022 with a focus on mitigating the knowledge gap and the misapplication of the NGO regulatory framework and its adverse effects on the civic space. Cognizant of gender, this one-day event brought together 60+ NGO sector leaders, 9 NGO regulators, and selected service providers drawn from all main regions in Uganda.

What To Expect

Understand Compliance

A better understanding of the compliance obligation and operation status of NGOs


Better environment

An enabling working environment for NGO actors


Credibility & Integrity

Increased credibility and integrity of the non-profit sector in Uganda.



Meet with likeminded people and industry peers


Our Talk to Your Regulator Launch


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Reflecting on the drivers of the shrinking civic space in Uganda, and the trust deficits, there is a significant latent desire for an engagement platform, that extends an opportunity for NGOs to learn from, and also voice sectoral concerns in line with the compliance obligations, under the different regulators that include among others including The National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisation, Financial Intelligence Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority, National Social Security Funds, Uganda Registration Service Bureau, Electoral Commission, and Personal Data Protection Office. This follows the recent NGO Bureau notification of cessation or suspension of operations of a large number of NGOs, citing the little-known 2016 NGO Act by many domestic and international bodies. The argument that these groups have not complied with the Act is based on the legal adage of “ignorance of the law is no defense,” hence raising the necessity to create awareness of all the vital statutory obligations for NGOs in Uganda.