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The #DigiSecCon aims to bring together different sector perspectives (e.g., education and social development, human rights, policymakers, health, ICT, finance, justice, law & order, etc.) to highlight the contemporary digital/cyber challenges, emerging trends, drivers and consequences of inequality in the age of digitalization. We strive to identify and highlight viable digital solutions to contemporary problems in this context.

It has been agreed that the #DigiSeCon 2022 takes the shape of an exhibition.

The expo seeks to bring together technologists, innovators, start-ups, the private sector, telecoms, banks, the Ministry of ICT, and NITA-U, all working on digital innovations that address some of the challenges that the civil society and citizenry face in this technology era.

Theme: Providing Contextualized Safety & Security Options and Advancing Local Innovations in Digital Security

28th October 2022

Venue: Serena Hotel


The #DigiSecExpo2022

#DigiSecExpo2022 Program (Single Page)Compressed

One of DPI’s core values is Agility; We quickly and effectively adopt and adapt practices in response to humanity’s ever-evolving and emerging safety, security, and protection needs in their working environment.

The pivot from a conference to an exposition results from a DPI survey to identify digital security challenges citizens face in the country. It was revealed that most citizens are unaware of many tools used to circumvent cyber-insecurities that they face and the existence of limited visibility and awareness of some technologies/innovations that exist locally and are capable of addressing their challenges.


Who to expect

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Interactive fiction based game for young women across Africa to learn about digital security

An innovation aimed at increasing access to post violence services to girls and women.

Yunga creates a real-time link between Neighbors, Businesses, offices and police in case of an attack or emergencies for your safety within our local communities.

Grey Armour is a web application security tool which allows a website owner to integrate their website onto the GA platform giving them full power to analyse for existing malware, system vulnerabilities and poor coding practice. It allows clients to access affordable cybersecurity and monitoring services for their SMEs and web Applications.

Keepchatty is a peer to professional mental health innovation that links young people to a number of professional mental health services providers in real time or on scheduled time. The app contains features, like texting audio and video messages as well as anonymity feature that creates a safe space for young people receiving services.

AgriShare enables location based sharing of resources and data via the platform is encrypted. AgriShare uniquely provides a secure for sharing and accessing agricultural resources with and for the farmers.

With one-click, SafeBangle supports potential victims of violence access immediate help from trusted relatives and friends.

Smart Digital Business Cards that enable you Network smarter and faster as you share your social media and contact information in the easiest way with just a single tap

Send and receive money the fast and easy way. Transfer funds across town and across Africa, right from your mobile phone.

A three-in-one membership card that embeds NSSF functionality, bank functionality and a loyalty program. This card is a more functional upgrade of the earlier membership cards previously issued by the Fund.

MediSmart: The Smart system has revolutionized the management of medical schemes using biometrically controlled contactless Smart card and continues to serve over 1 million medically insured members with access to over 4000 medical facilities installed with the Smart system.

An online application to support the promotion of freedom of expression that will facilitate exchanges between HRDs/ HRD organizations, and support systematic and structured mobilization and advocacy.

In Collaboration with

An autonomous statutory body established under the NITA-U Act 2009, to coordinate and regulate Information Technology services in Uganda.

A hub for digital security support, tips & advice and tools all in one place (Exhibiting: GridSync, CitizenEye)

POLLICY functions at the intersection of data, technology and design to improve government service delivery.

Apply to exhibit at/sponsor the DigiSecExpo2022


The activity will be conducted by way of an exhibition/expo to showcase, create awareness about their innovations and also address any digital security-related challenges faced by the public. It will also provide a unique platform for the public and digital experts to collaborate, work together and acquire onset feedback about these tools.

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human rights



Information & Communication Technology

Education & Social Dev't

law & order

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As a participant, by associating with such a signature event, focusing on addressing civil society’s digital and cyber security needs, you will identify and connect with the citizenry on the standard solutions needed to advance contextualized digital and cyber security options in Uganda.

As an exhibitor you’ll have the opportunity to showcase, create awareness about your innovations and also address any digital-related challenges faced by the public. It will also provide a unique platform for the public and digital experts to collaborate, work together and acquire onset feedback about these tools.

As a sponsor or partner, the #DigiSecExpo2022 will be a platform to socialize, offer digital and cyber security solutions to civil society, and establish key relationships with local innovators, partners, government entities, and the private sector.

In addition, it is your platform to showcase your digital innovations and products, create awareness, interest potential clients, investors, and collaborators, interact with other investors, and build your brand. This would also include building credibility and goodwill with civil society, clientele, and regulatory bodies.

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