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A strong civil society is one that has the ability to advocate for citizen demands, With this idea in mind Defenders Protection Initiative helps civil society and human rights defenders to develop, improve and strengthen their safety and security management skills/knowledge


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We offer Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments for assets, programs and perceptions to decide whether the client is taking reasonable steps to prevent any harm. Our resources allow us to fully analyze and evaluate situations organizational-wide.

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Civil society is seen as a way for people to cope with an ever larger, more bureaucratized society. Our research is about the way in which social movements, associations, media shapes the decisions that affect society with a particular focus on security.
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Digital Security Alliance (DSA)

DSA aims to close the gap and increase cooperation between civil society, activists on the one side and organizations or individuals working in information security on the other side.
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Security Working Group (SWG) | Security Focal Persons (SFPs)

The SWG through the SFPs employ Risk-Based Security consulting & advisory services that offer organizations the management experience and technical expertise required to address their incidents.

NPO Working Group

With the increasing concern on the lack of awareness on FATF, Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CTF) laws and regulation among Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), DPI through intensive and evidence-based research sought to ascertain the various Ugandan AML/CFT requirements applicable to the NPO Sector in the Country.

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