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Risk Assessments

Assess & Fix

We offer Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments for assets, programs and perceptions to decide whether the client is taking reasonable steps to prevent any harm. Our resources allow us to fully analyze and evaluate situations organizational-wide.

Capacity Building

Learn & Apply

A strong civil society is one that has the ability to advocate for citizen demands, With this idea in mind Defenders Protection Initiative helps civil society and human rights defenders to develop, improve and strengthen their safety and security management skills/knowledge

Advocacy & Research

Investigate & Support

Civil society is seen as a way for people to cope with an ever larger, more bureaucratized society. Our research is about the way in which social movements, associations, media shapes the decisions that affect society with a particular focus on security.

Coordination Mechanisms

We believe in shared responsibility, efficient use of resources, avoidance of duplicity and creation of joint national verification and response teams for the safety, security and protection of HRDs and CSOs. DPI established, hosts and coordinates three (3) loose networks of HRDs & CSOs: Digital Security Alliance, Security Working Group and the NPO Working Group on FATF

10+ years of experience helping people with the best solutions

Our trainings provide HRDs with the accurate options  to enable them continue to do their work securely.

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We offer timely and efficient responses in a comprehensive manner to resolve protection, safety and security matters of Defenders/CSOs facing risks.

Civil Society Security

providing you with the accurate options for all your security & safety needs

Purposed with the aim to equip CSO’s and digital security trainers/ enthusiasts with tools, concepts, practices, attitudes and knowledge especially on trending technological and cyber security issues.

Our goal is to deploy technologies to protect organizations, their critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.

10+ years of experience helping people with the best solutions

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We venture into the unexplored, emerging and unknown opportunities. We employ a systematic and unique way of looking for opportunities to create a safer working environment for humanity.

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