DPI in collaboration with the NPO Working Group on FATF officially submitted the policy brief on the justification to de-classify NPOs from the list of accountable persons under the AML-ACT 2022 (As Amended) to the Financial Intelligence Authority on 24th March 2023. DPI and the members of the working group are cognizant of the fact that NGOs could be potential targets for facilitating money laundering and terrorism financing, and seeks to propose a more robust alternative that could achieve the same purpose, of focusing on the most prone NPOs, than targeting all NPOs.

We recommend and propose deleting Category 15 in the 2nd schedule to the AMLA from the list of accountable/reporting entities, by invoking Section 139(2) (b) & Section139 (3) (b) of the AMAL Act, and consistent with the National Risk Assessment (NRA Action Plan).