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Contributing to the Safety and Security of Environmental Defenders in West Nile & Albertine Region

Brief Background

In Uganda today, it is worth noting that Land & Environment Defenders (LEDs) face multifaceted layers of challenges and threats including those related to their safety, security and protection, especially while addressing violations arising from development induced evictions and environmental degradation.

Our experience in security and safety matters accrues from professional and personal interest, technical partnerships with security professionals, and networking with civil society. We believe in a continuous learning cycle where both DPI and its partners learn from each other through participatory approaches.

The project will benefit Land & Environment Defenders (LEDs) from the Albertine region and West Nile region in Uganda. Direct beneficiaries will be up to forty (40) Land & Environment Defenders.

Main Activities for this Project

Equip twenty (20) leaders of Land & Environment Defenders (LEDs) organizations with skills, knowledge, and tools in risk assessment and mainstreaming safety and security  management in their work.

Establish & coordinate a rapid response fund and support services to Land & Environmental Defenders.
We shall coordinate distinct protection actors on land justice and create a collective security protection network and also offer technical support to all .

Campaign for and lobby for the safeguard of LEDs nationally.
We shall organize bi-monthly meetings with the stakeholders & LEDs to discuss practical ways to address insecurities that affect them

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