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The Digital Security Expo is Uganda’s biggest cyber security Expo organized by Defenders Protection Initiative since 2017. The Digital Security Expo 2023 presents the latest innovations, solutions and technologies in cyberspace as well as a wide variety of thought leadership and training on trending innovations, data protection and privacy, cyber law, digital security and compliance. The expo will provide a platform for the participants to network and collaborate with digital security professionals on how to safeguard their personal and organizational digital assets.

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“Protecting the future of technology: Innovations and regulatory adherence.”


The #DigiSecExpo2023

This year’s expo will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions from the various innovators and interactive sessions with the digital innovators who will exhibit their products and also know their compliance obligations and requirements.
The one-day expo targets over 15 innovators, CSOs, regulators, decision-makers, and IT-experts.
Like our earlier digital security expos, this year’s event is a hybrid one – Our virtual audience will benefit from a wide range of pre-eminent speaking, virtual rooms to interact with innovators at their virtual booths and also connect with physical participants to share their experience.


The #DigiSecExpo2023

With the advancement of digital technology that has come with the digital world that is constantly evolving, the evolution comes with new trends, innovations, security threats and risks. Due to this, new opportunities have been availed for businesses that have been dependent on the past hence the need of an expo to showcase new innovations and further create a platform to engage with multiple digital security experts and innovators. With the expo, participants will be in position to foster a community of experts who can collectively address the digital security threats affecting them.

During the expo, innovators will also be educated on how to comply with the respective regulators. This will ensure that their products and services are in line with regulatory requirements and standard. By complying, innovators will ensure that their products are safe and secure for users, while operating within the law and avoiding penalties.
The expo aims to create a platform for participants to network, collaborate, learn from innovators, interact and know the latest trends and solutions in the digital era. Additionally, the expo aims to educate participants on the latest threats and solutions on how to prevent cyber-attacks.


The #DigiSecExpo2023 Exhibitors

Why your innovation at the #DigiSecExpo2023

Why showcase your innovation at the #DigiSecExpo2023

Our event brings together a diverse range of professionals like you with innovative ideas and creations that can inspire and motivate others to think outside the box and pursue their own innovative endeavours. It sparks creativity and encourages individuals to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

Showcasing your work at the #DigiSecExpo2023 allows you to receive validation and feedback from industry experts and peers. This feedback can help refine your ideas, identify areas for improvement, and gain valuable insights that can contribute to the success of your projects.

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Goals for #DigiSecExpo2023

This year’s expo is essential for anyone intending to stay up to date with the latest technology, innovations and digital security tools. The digital security expo aims to achieve several goals namely:

Raise awareness of digital security threats and risks.

Promote best practices in digital security.

Provide a platform for collaboration and networking among digital security experts, innovators and CSOs.

Exhibit the latest digital security technologies and innovations.

Educate participants on how to protect their personal and professional digital assets.

Why at The #DigiSecExpo2023

Participating in a digital security expo provides numerous benefits. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest security threats as well as best practices for protecting their digital assets. They will also have the chance to interact with innovators and learn about the latest security technologies and solutions. Overall, participating in a digital security expo is an excellent way to stay informed, learn new skills, and connect with digital security experts in the field.
Sponsoring the expo will guarantee the individuals or organizations to showcase their innovations and work to the participants. Additionally, sponsoring the event will provide organizations with an opportunity to network with other participants who can collaborate to address the current digital threats. The sponsors will also be positioned as thought leaders in the evolving field of digital security.

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